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Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet, the Engineer

! Latest news ! Pierre-Geoffroy's subtle touch -also known as Lapierre's new DH suspension, called Pendbox- is finally made available to the press... Pierre-Geoffroy is the one who invented the Pendbox suspension system and created the simulation software which was essential for its dimensioning. And, after the first reports and race results, he has every reason to be proud of his work!
You can have a first look at it and hear the precious comments of Nicolas Vouilloz, ten times DH World Champion, by clicking here.

The first press reactions are more than encouraging, in France as well as abroad:
-France: Vélovert: Lapierre 2011, le nouveau DH sous tous ses angles; Le premier essai du DH Team;
-Germany: Mountainbike-Magazin: Lapierre MTBs 2011 - do not miss the comments on the PendBox in the next paper version of the famous magazine;
-Switzerland: Ride MTB Magazin: Lapierre bringt ein neuartiges Downhill-Bike ;
-UK: Mpora: Lapierre DH be continued...


By combining the expertise acquired in one of the greatest French Engineering Schools and in the research departments of several big engineering companies, as well as the energy and the innovative eye of his youth, Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet is about to win his battle : becoming a high-level engineer without sacrifying the least of his sports career.

Multi-task thanks to his background, open-minded, sensible and structured in his mind, Pierre-Geoffroy Plantet knows the importance of the technical dimension in a professional company. Having a strong and reliable final product is the best advertising for a brand, the safest way to gain and secure clients' loyalty.

It is in this state of mind that Pierre-Geoffroy is working as a design and a research engineer, from the initial innovation phase to the final development of the product. Already a Freelancer before the end of his studies, his professional activity doesn't stop growing. He takes part in an increasing number of projects, with more and more challenging targets.

All his clients enjoy a personalized and professional follow up, exclusiveness in their technical area and a level of confidentiality adapted to their needs.


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