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Previous Projects


As mentioned in his background, Pierre-Geoffroy did in 2007 a one-year internship in the R&D department of Lapierre. It is around this period that he came up with two innovating ideas for the bike field. The results of this thinking have quickly become the subject of patent requests.

Although he was still a student at that time, Lapierre have trusted him from the initial germ of the idea until the end of the research and dimensioning phases.

As soon as those products will appear on the market, you will recognize Pierre-Geoffroy's subtle touch within the quality of their design, as well as in the originality of the technical solution.




For his final study project, Pierre-Geoffroy has chosen to work on a subject that has nothing to do with the bike field. In 2008, he joined during six months the prestigious MICHELIN Research Center in Clermont-Ferrand in order to study the wear of the truck tyres. His main goal was to find the reason why a certain type of tyre weared differently from what the engineers expected.

After a theoretical study, followed by a modelling and simulation phase of the physical phenomena ocurring inside the tyre, Pierre-Geoffroy has not only reached his target, but also left behind him a "gadget" : a Matlab software which, by means of approximations taking into account the usage conditions of this particular type of tyre, allows to rapidly make a first sorting of the sculptures before launching the detailed finite element simulations. A true time-gaining tool!




As soon as he entered the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2004 and during eighteen months, Pierre-Geoffroy got a first approach of what a project was, in parallel to his classical classes. The five-students team that he coordinated had to study the vibrations occurring in a road bike frame. The work included : on-field data gathering, modelling and simulation work, but also meeting preparations and results presentations to the company that had ordered the study, TIME.



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