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Who is Pierre-Geoffroy ?

Having survived to the very trying French Prep School system, Pierre-Geoffroy enters in 2004 the prestigious Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Since 2008, he is a freelance engineer, working mostly in mechanics and electronics. Having also a great passion for mountainbiking, regularly entering the world top 30 and french top 5, he brightly handles two carreers that he has rendered compatible thanks to his passion and his persistence.

Here is a brief look on his student background :

  • - 2004-2008 Ecole d’Ingénieurs Centrale Lyon

3rd year option: Terrestrial Transports, Design

  • - 2003-2004 2nd year of Prep School

PSI* (Physics and Engineering Sciences) class in Rouen

  • - 2002-2003 1st year of Prep School

MPSI class (Mathematics-Physics-Engineering Sciences) in Caen

  • - 2002 Scientific French Baccalaureate , option Physics-Engineering Sciences


And on his professional background:

  • · since October 2008 Freelance Engineer ; more info on his clients in Projects

Mechanics Engineering Consultant

  • · April-September 2008 Final Study Project at Michelin

Study on the optimization of the truck tyres sculpture.

  • · July 2006-July 2007 Internship in the R&D department of Cycles Lapierre

Design of an active MTB suspension control

  • · January-May 2006 Industrial Project at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Suspension lock-out study, in partnership with Lapierre

  • · July-August 2005 Internship at GCI construction (Caen)

Setting up a plan handling software

  • · September 2004-June 2005 Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Study on the absorption of vibrations on a bike, in partnership with Time


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