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Pierre-Geoffroy's Skills

What is so special about the majour General Engineering Schools in France is the wide variety of domains that a student would get to know during his studies. From solid mechanics to informatics, including electronics, pure and applied maths, thermodynamics or fluid mechanics, a french general engineer will have seen them all. He will have learned to understand the links between those different fields and to combine them so that later in his work he will be able to design from A to Z complex technical systems.

Pierre-Geoffroy knew how to take advantage of this particularity. By choosing Terrestrial Transports as his 3rd year option, he specializes himself wilthout loosing this global view, as he chooses a domain which is not limited to only one field of physics.

He has therefore studied in detail things like:

Fluid-structure interaction, vibration mechanics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, electronics, material resistance...

He has acquired skills in :

- Simulation softwares :

Matlab, Scilab

- Industrial design :

SolidWorks, Catia

- Finite elements simulation :

Abaqus, Ansys

- Others :

a bit of php, Excel macros and all that is necessary for the nice final touch of a project


And, last but not least, he has learned to learn. This pro-active, independent learning quality, encouraged by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, which is now a must for any engineer wanting to always be one step ahead of the technical progress.


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